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About this Site
Why Recycle?
We cannot continue to squander the earth's riches and then throw them away, just to be buried in holes in the ground.
Use this site and it's links,to learn how you can have an effect on the environment
by the three principles of:- REDUCE
Choose the products with the least amount of packaging and those that are most durable

Choose re-usable or refillable items, rechargeable batteries and washable nappies; take your own bag to the supermarket or use Bag-for-Life schemes.

Plastic bottles, cans glass bottles and jars, paper, cardboard can all be taken to your local mini-recycling-centre or household recycling centre.
Join the "box-it" kerbside collection scheme in your area.

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to find out when your waste is collected
Now read through the Menu to find out why what and how to recycle
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